Insulation Covers

Insulation Covers: the perfect solution for insulation & protection

Our insulation covers offer amazing insulation for industrial applications. Maintain correct temperatures in your machinery while protecting your team from surface burns.

Lead Time

2 weeks


60g/m2 fire retardant Silicone impregnated glass cloth – temperature range -50ºC up to 250ºC.

(uncoated side of the base fabric will withstand 550ºc unstressed, melting point 800ºc)

Min 50mm thick 450c Rock wool lined with Velcro and draw-cord fastenings.

Insulation Covers are Perfect for These Applications

Gas, Power & Turbine Plants

We can custom-design and manufacture these insulation covers to suit the varying sizes of the complex systems used across gas, power, and turbine plants.

Processing Mills

We’ve designed and manufactured a variety of different sized and shaped insulation covers for equipment in processing mills and plants.

Oil Refineries

Our team has created a variety of great solutions for oil refineries. We can manufacture insulation jackets for a range of machinery, prioritising energy efficiency and safety.

Petrochemical Applications

Improve safety in your refinery and seriously increase the efficiency of your machinery and equipment. Our insulation covers protect your team while saving you money.

Thermal insulation covers

On the surface the thermal insulation covers from All Insulation and HVAC Supplies are the perfect safety tool to prevent injury, but there are more advantages when using our high-quality covers. Thermal insulation prevents heat loss and lowers temperature transfer, which increases the energy efficiency of heating and cooling systems.

The thermal insulation covers are fire resistant and durable so can be placed directly on hot or cold surfaces to provide personnel protection. The customized covers are tight fitted so they are not obstructive in work spaces and high traffic areas. Best of all the thermal insulation covers are manufactured right here, so you get assurances of quality and consistency that you would expect from a manufacturer that takes pride in the thermal covers it produces.
Pipe insulation jackets with thermal covers

Looking for insulation covers for your next project?

Air Conditioner Ventilation Installation System In Building with Thermal Covers

Why choose our thermal covers?

  • Durable
  • Tested to extreme temperatures
  • Quality product made from quality materials
  • Easy to install
  • Customised to fit
  • Saves money
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Protects equipment
  • Increases life of system
  • Makes your workplace safer

Why Choose Insulation Covers?

Flexible & Simple Installation

Insulation covers are a highly convenient insulation type for machinery and equipment in plants, factories, and warehouses. Slip these covers or jackets over the machinery for a quick insulation solution.

Cost Savings

These are a User Friendly cost-effective insulation Thermal covers that provides massive cost savings by eliminating heat loss and energy inefficiencies in equipment.

PPE & Safety

Insulation covers provide a host of benefits from their insulation but they’re also a great safety feature in these businesses. Your clients can prevent burns and safety hazards by covering extremely hot surfaces and preventing contact with them.

Designed for Insulation & Safety

Our insulation covers are designed to insulate your machinery to keep it working perfectly. They’re designed to keep your team safe too though. These include fire retardant silicone, impregnated glass cloth (-50ºC up to 250ºC), and 450c Rockwool (min 50mm thick, velcro-lined).

Value for money

Our covers not only save you money through better efficiencies of the heating and cooling systems, they also help to increase the lifespan of your system. Industrial applications call for a durable product that helps to save money and help reduce potential workplace accidents. Covers help protect your workforce from hot and cold surfaces.

No project too large, or small

Our covers are custom manufactured right here at All Insulation and HVAC Supplies so we can handle almost any size project from a small retail space, to a shopping center or large hotel.
Contact us to find out how we can help improve the performance of your air conditioning system, and reduce the costs.

Your New Insulation Supplier

Our team of insulation experts manufacture and supply a variety of products for insulation installers and HVAC technicians. It’s our goal to provide you with such a high standard of insulation that you can position your own business as a go-to for insulation.

We work hard to secure shorter lead times for your business so you can pass that reliability on to your own clients.

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