Pre-Insulated Pipes

Pre-Insulated Pipes: The go-to insulation for cooling & heating pipe systems

Pre-insulated pipes are a cost effective and time saving solution for plants, factories, refineries, and any other application requiring better thermal efficiency. We manufacture pre-insulated pipework, so you can arrive on-site, ready to get it all installed.

Pre-Insulated Pipes Optimises These Applications

Oil & Gas

Plants in the oil and gas industries require excellent efficiency and temperature control in their piping systems. Control temperatures in these pipelines.

Construction & Infrastructure

From the insulation of infrastructure to the HVAC insulation requirements. Pre-insulated piping is excellent for construction and infrastructure.


The pharmaceutical industry relies on consistent and stable temperatures. Pre-insulated piping is an easy-to-install solution for the industry.


Cryogenics call for incredibly stable and consistent temperatures. Our pre-insulated piping is an amazing solution for this application.

Warehouses, Manufacturing & Processing Plants

Food processing, wineries, water treatment, or utilities — these all call for properly-insulated piping. 

The benefit of Pre-Insulated Pipes

Ready to Install

By having us design and manufacture custom pre-insulated pipework, you can simply arrive on-site and install the pipework with no hassle. We can also provide any tees, bends, and any join kits you may need.

Increase Efficiency

Pre-insulated pipes offer increased efficiency of the piping systems. Whether these are carrying gases or fluids, the pipes will maintain stable temperatures, increasing efficiencies on-site.

Prevent Corrosion

We manufacture smarter pipework that is water and corrosion-resistant so you can provide your clients with better piping solutions. These pre-insulated pipes prevent condensation, increasing safety and eliminating corrosion.

Better Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

Your clients will see serious cost savings through pre-insulated pipework. These work to insulate pipes, providing more consistent temperatures, eliminating wasted electricity and bringing overhead costs down.

Your New Insulation Supplier

We design, manufacture and supply high quality insulation products for the construction and HVAC industries. Our team can create custom pre-insulated pipe solutions and work to your specifications on a variety of other insulation needs.


We want to provide you with insulation supplies that allow you to position yourself as a go-to for insulation installation. Our team is always working and innovating to provide you with shorter lead times and, of course, the highest quality insulation products.


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