Pre-Insulated Pipes

Pre-Insulated Pipes: Your go-to insulation for cooling & heating pipe systems

Pre-insulated pipes are a cost-effective and time saving solution for plants, factories, refineries, and any other application requiring better thermal efficiency. At AIandHS, we specialise in manufacturing pre-insulated pipework, so you can arrive ready on-site to get it all installed.

Pre-insulated pipes help optimise the following industries

Oil & Gas

Plants in the oil and gas industries demand exceptional efficiency and precise temperature control in their piping systems. Our pre-insulated pipes provide the necessary temperature regulation for these pipelines.

Construction & Infrastructure

Pre-insulated piping is excellent for the construction and infrastructure industries, as it provides solutions for insulating infrastructure and meeting HVAC insulation requirements.


The pharmaceutical industry relies on consistent and stable temperatures. Pre-insulated piping is an easy-to-install solution for this industry.


Cryogenics call for incredibly stable and consistent temperatures. Our pre-insulated piping is an amazing solution for this application.

Warehouses, Manufacturing & Processing Plants

Food processing, wineries, water treatment, or utilities — these all call for properly-insulated piping.

Our pre-insulated pipes are made to withstand the stressors of various applications

At AIandHS, each pre-insulated pipe system we make is engineered with precision to meet the diverse needs of various industries. We use high-quality materials such as steel, copper, and plastic for the inner carrier pipe, and rigid polyurethane foam or mineral wool for the insulation itself. All of these materials are known for their excellent thermal conductivity values. This commitment to quality ensures your pipes maintain optimal temperature control and efficiency — constantly.

Our pipes are designed to operate within a broad temperature range and can withstand both high and low pressures, making them versatile for numerous applications. From controlling heat losses in hot water systems to maintaining precise conditions in air conditioning and cryogenics, our pre-insulated pipe systems are built to perform.

Trust us to provide reliable and efficient pipe insulation solutions that enhance your operations and reduce costs.

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The benefits of Pre-Insulated Pipes

Ready to Install

By having us design and manufacture custom pre-insulated pipework for you, you can simply arrive on-site and install these pipes with no hassle. We can also provide any tees, bends, and join kits you may need.

Increase Efficiency

Pre-insulated pipes significantly enhance the efficiency of piping systems. By maintaining stable temperatures for both gases and fluids, these pipes ensure consistent performance and increased operational efficiency on-site.

Prevent Corrosion

We manufacture smarter pipework that is water and corrosion-resistant so you can provide your clients with better piping solutions. These pre-insulated pipes prevent condensation, increasing safety and eliminating corrosion.

Better Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

Your clients will see serious cost savings thanks to our pre-insulated pipework. By effectively insulating pipes, our solutions maintain consistent temperatures, reduce wasted electricity, and lower overhead costs.

We're the experienced insulation supplier you can trust

At AIandHS, we design, manufacture, and supply high-quality insulation products tailored for the construction and HVAC industries. Our team specialises in creating custom pre-insulated pipe solutions that are crafted to meet your unique specifications and diverse insulation needs.

We are committed to providing you with top-tier insulation supplies that empower you to become a leader in insulation installation. Since we’re constantly innovating, our team strives to deliver shorter lead times without compromising on quality, to ensure you always receive the best products and service.

Get in touch with our friendly team today.

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Frequently asked questions

Pre-insulated pipes are designed to minimise heat loss by maintaining stable temperatures within the piping system. The insulation materials, such as rigid polyurethane foam, have low thermal conductivity, which significantly reduces the transfer of heat. This results in enhanced efficiency for systems carrying both hot and cold fluids, leading to energy savings and improved performance.

Absolutely. At AIandHS, we specialise in creating custom pre-insulated pipe solutions tailored to your specific project requirements. Whether you need unique pipe diameters, insulation thicknesses, or lengths, we can design and manufacture pipework that fits perfectly. We also provide fittings, such as tees and bends, to ensure seamless integration into your systems.

Our pre-insulated pipes are designed to be ready for installation upon arrival, significantly reducing on-site preparation and installation time. This not only speeds up the project timeline, but also reduces labour costs. Additionally, the improved thermal efficiency and reduced heat loss these pipes ensure lead to lower operational costs, providing long-term savings for your clients.

By maintaining stable temperatures and reducing heat loss, pre-insulated pipes enhance the energy efficiency of piping systems. This results in lower energy consumption, which reduces operational costs and environmental impact. Our pipes are designed to provide consistent performance, so you can ensure your systems run efficiently and sustainably.