Rockwool Blanket

Rockwool Blanket: the flexible insulation solution

A flexible, non-combustible, water-resistant insulation solution, Rockwool blanket offers superior fire resistance properties, along with thermal and acoustic insulation, plus energy conservation. A Rockwool blanket is made from natural rock and recycled products that are heated to form a molten mixture and then spun into fine wool. This insulation material resists temperatures up to 1,093°C, making it great for a wide number of uses.

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100mm – 1200mm

Medium Density

Un-faced surface has a light brown appearance

Rockwool Blanket Insulation typical applications

Rockwool blankets are versatile, giving them many different applications across a number of industries.

Industrial Facilities

This type of insulation is fantastic for industrial facility settings. A Rockwool blanket allows you to easily protect your client’s team at work, increase energy efficiency, and decrease unnecessary overhead costs. Our Rockwool blanket easily covers large machinery, giving extra protection against heat and noise.

Commercial Infrastructure

Rockwool blanket insulation can provide intelligent insulation solutions for new commercial infrastructure that contains large surface areas requiring insulation. This type of insulation is lightweight and can easily be installed in new construction, making it a great choice for many different applications within the commercial infrastructure landscape.

Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Reactors

Constant and consistent process temperature control is vital to ensuring a reliable and efficient heat exchange in boilers and reactors. Blanket insulation prevents heat loss from the coil or mechanism entering the heat exchanger and from the heated water or gas as it exits the boiler and is transferred to its required location. Reduced heat loss increases the efficiency of the entire system meaning less impact and therefore increased longevity of equipment and less overall energy consumption. Rockwool blankets provide effective thermal insulation performance and are the perfect solution for covering large diameter piping and process equipment or irregularly shaped components. 

Mechanical Plants

Rockwool blanket delivers a simple and effective thermal and acoustic insulation solution for mechanical plants. Blanket insulation offers greater flexibility when compared to rock wool board-style products. Rockwool blankets can be wrapped around larger process equipment regardless of shape. It can also be customised with wire mesh and metal bands to fit larger-diameter pipework as well as small vessels or equipment.

Being non-combustible, Rockwool insulation also provides fire resistant insulation to potentially dangerous equipment like kilns, autoclaves and boilers.

Steam Lines

Pressurised steam lines can be inefficient and dangerous if not sufficiently insulated. Rockwool blankets provide a customised solution for maintaining the internal temperature and pressure of steam lines. Rockwool also provides a non-combustible outer layer that protects personnel from potential injury caused by contact with hot pipe surfaces. The thermal insulation performance of these blankets is not adversely affected by contact with water. Rockwool pipe sections provide a simple, prefabricated, ready-to-install option and the Rockwool blanket offers an adaptable and customisable alternative

Why choose a Rockwool blanket?

There are a few benefits to choosing a Rockwool blanket for your insulation needs. These include:

Benefits of Rockwell blankets

The benefits of Rockwell blankets are extensive, and they can be used in a variety of settings. Some of these benefits include the following:

Flexible & Suited for Large Surfaces

Our Rockwool blanket is high-quality, providing flexible insulation. It can be easily installed on large or difficult surface areas like boilers, heat exchangers, reactors, and on larger process equipment. Available in 100mm to 1200mm widths, blankets are medium density and can be cut to fit large and small cavities and surfaces. Flexible fixation options make Rockwool blankets simple and quick to install.

Cost Savings

The fire and thermal properties of wool blankets derived from natural rock enables companies to save on overheads and energy consumption. Improving both building and machinery efficiency results in a reduction in energy consumption and therefore costs. These insulating blankets can also help save heating costs. Personnel and infrastructure protection and accident prevention provided by Rockwool blanket application can also limit costs associated with potential damage and compensation. Reduce energy loss and therefore electricity demand by insulating both plant and equipment.

PPE & Safety

These blankets provide personnel protection in industrial and commercial facilities. Protect personnel by insulating any exposed hot surface with Rockwool blankets and Rockwool pipe sections. Rockwool blankets limit condensation, thereby preventing moisture build-up which can result in infrastructure damage and hazardous bacteria and mold growth.

Energy Efficiency

Achieve year-round energy efficiency with Rockwool insulation. Adding Rockwool blanket insulation to plants, warehouses, and new buildings keeps the heat and sound in and the cold and noise out. This reduces energy costs, improves environmental compliance, and creates a safer, healthier, and more comfortable workplace.

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