Rockwool Pipe Section

Rockwool Pipe Section: The lightweight thermal pipe high-temperature insulation solution

Choose our ultra lightweight Rockwool Pipe Section as the right solution for your thermal pipe insulation projects.

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Rockwool Pipe is produced from non-combustible mineral fibres. It is strong and rigid and suitable for applications in processing and piping works operating at a maximum temperature of 700°C.

Each section of Rockwool Pipe can be split at one side and hinged at the other side for easy installation.

What Is Rockwool Pipe Section?

Rockwool Pipe Section is a lightweight thermal pipe insulation solution ideal for use in high temperatures and fire protection. Ideal for use in any piping system, this product can withstand temperatures of up to 700 degrees Celsius. There is no better offering on the market offering optimum resistance to fires in wall, floor and ceiling assemblies.

Installed around the pipe work surface, with the right maintenance, these fixtures can last for up to 70 years. Our Rockwool Pipe Sections are tailored to suit pipe diameters and different thicknesses required for your projects, making them the perfect components for your pipe insulation system – including PVC pipes.

How Does Rockwool Pipe Section Work?

Rockwool Pipe Section segments are made from stone wool – a product created by melting and spinning volcanic rock and steel & copper byproducts into fibres. The result is an inorganic insulator that ensures high vapour resistance and low moisture absorption, with no chance of mould growth. Rockwool’s properties make it a high-quality and flexible insulator for various purposes, as seen in Rockwool Blankets.

This material is strong, rigid and non-combustible, with an optimum fire performance in high-temperature environments. Low thermal conductivity further reduces any fire risks or hazards in your piping system and infrastructure.

Rockwool Pipe Section Segments and their insulating properties are furthered by our factory-applied aluminium foil helps to provide maximum energy retention to the pipe insulation. A reinforced aluminium foil-faced thermal insulation covering used in this way, where the aluminium foil overlaps all edges, will help optimise energy efficiency by reducing heat loss in the system and improving the energy retention properties required for your project.

Benefits Of Our Rockwool Pipe Insulation

Easy To Install

Rockwool Pipe Sections are split at one side and hinged for ease of installation.

Custom Sizing

Various pipe diameters and thickness sizes to suit all pipe insulation projects.

Excellent Thermal Insulation Performance

Rockwool and aluminium foil help keep the internal temperature in and the external temperature out.

Excellent Heat-Proofing Material

Properties of Rockwool and aluminium foil serve as passive fire protection.

Environmentally Safe

Rockwool is produced using recycled consumer material and is environmentally

Applications for Rockwool Pipe Sections


Boilers require excellent thermal insulation. Reduce heat loss and increase energy efficiencies with Rockwool Pipe Sections.

Steam Lines

Boost efficiency and safety by insulating steam lines with our Rockwool Pipe Sections.

Mechanical Plants

Increase efficiency and ensure safety in mechanical plants with Rockwool Pipe Section insulation

Industrial Facilities

Rockwool Pipe Sections insulate piping in industrial facilities, boosting the energy efficiency of the facility and creating a safe working environment for the team.

Commercial Infrastructure

Rockwool Pipe Sections can seriously boost the energy efficiency and climate control of new commercial infrastructure.

Why Choose Rockwool Insulation for your Sectional Pipe Insulation?

Ready for Quick Pipe Insulation

Rockwool Pipe Section is a quick and simple insulation solution to keep pipes effectively insulated for years to come. It’s a highly effective material, providing a host of energy and climate efficiency benefits to residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Cost Savings

Rockwool Pipe Section provides a host of energy efficiency benefits, ensuring reliably stable temperatures and serious cost savings in commercial and industrial applications.

PPE & Safety

Pipes carrying hot liquid or gases can pose serious safety hazards for team members in industrial plants or facilities. The efficient wall thickness of the Rockwool Pipe Section acts as PPE, protecting them from burns.

Energy Efficiency

Piping in boilers, steam lines, and other industrial applications can have to work overtime when not insulated. Rockwool insulates these pipes, keeping them at the perfect temperature for maximum energy savings.

Thermal and Acoustical Insulation

Rockwool is exceptional at insulating temperatures within pipes and dampening noise — whether that noise is in the pipe itself or is travelling through the pipes.

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