P3 Duct & Plenums

P3 Ducting & Plenums: Pre insulated aluminium panels

P3 Ducting is a lightweight, cost-effective, and simple-to-install insulation for HVAC. Our P3 Ducting is created with 20mm phenolic insulation in both black and silver varieties. We organise the construction and supply of P3 ducts Australia-wide, so you can deliver quality insulation projects and ducting needs.

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20mm Board – R1 Insulation Values
25mm Board – R1.25 insulation values
40mm Board – R2 Insulation Values

What are P3 Ducts?

The P3 ductal system uses pre insulated aluminium panels to facilitate air conditioning in a ventilation system. Compared to the traditional use of galvanised sheet metal ducts, these panels used in p3 ducts facilitates lightweight and cost-effective insulation. This makes it optimal for use in projects with space or weight restrictions. In conjunction with the use of the machinery, tools and accessories that make up a P3ductal system.

P3 aluminium ducts are typically used for ventilation and temperature control applications such as air conditioning and heating. Their versatility makes them ideal for use in large and small ventilation systems including commercial structures and schools.

How do P3 Ducts and Plenums Work?

So what makes a P3 duct the safest duct, greenest duct and most hygienic duct, available to the market?
Like all ducts, P3 ducts effectively control the distribution of air at an appropriate temperature throughout all rooms within a system. Due to the often narrow and constrained project requirements, the aluminium bodies of these ducts make them a perfect answer to projects that require space and energy saving solutions.

P3 ducts are referred to as the “safest ducts” due to a strong resistance against various extreme conditions including fire, smoke and earthquakes. In terms of hygiene,

P3 ducts can help prevent dust and solid particles from settling in your ventilation system. P3 duct panels can have self-cleaning properties, with a unique coating developed to simplify routine maintenance and cleaning tasks.

Benefits Of Our P3 Type Duct Panels

Ease of Transport, Construction & Installation

P3 Ducts are lightweight and portable with coded construction procedures.

High thermal insulation

The high thermal conductivity value of the ducts means they can effectively transfer heat and obtain heat from their surroundings when installed.

Air quality

The use of aluminium and the antimicrobial qualities of the duct coating ensure hygiene of systems – large or small.

Fire & Smoke Protection

P3 panels meet international fire safety standards. In the case of a fire, the panels’ composition can help reduce smoke emissions and any risk related.

Earthquake Resistant

The light and rigid nature of the panels reduces the likelihood of movement or deformation and any subsequent faults.

Use P3 Ducting for Your Ventilation Needs

From the manufacturing to transport and installation, trust our experienced team to provide you with the P3 ducts, materials and accessories required for your ventilation and insulation projects.

Return & Supply Air Boxes

Our team can create custom P3 duct boards to suit return and supply air boxes.

Filter Boxes Transitions

Create better insulation in your filter box transitions with custom P3 ducting solutions.

Ducting Insulation

P3 duct boards are ideal as ducting insulation. We develop these to your specifications.

Radius Bends & Square Bends

Perfect for both radius bends and square bends, P3 ducting provides excellent insulation for your HVAC system.

Tee Pieces

Incorporate P3 ducting into your HVAC system’s tee pieces as a cost-effective alternative to sheet metal ducting.

Why Choose P3 Ducting?

The Cost-Effective Alternative to Sheet Metal

P3 ducting is an amazingly cost-effective alternative to traditional sheet metal ducting and insulation methods. Its simple installation makes this even more cost-effective, saving you money in labour costs.

Lightweight Material

P3 ducting is incredibly lightweight. It means it’s simple to transport, shift on-site, and simple to install. Its light weight offers fewer risks on-site around manual handling and makes it really simple to handle.

Simple Installation

Due to its light weight, P3 ducting is so easy to carry and handle on-site and particularly, extremely simple to install in your HVAC system. This saves you time, money, and effort on each HVAC project

A Range of Sizes

Our P3 ducting can be manufactured to suit your specific HVAC system. Send us your site or system’s plans and we’ll design and manufacture P3 ducting to your specifications

Australia's Expert P3 Duct Insulation Suppliers & Installers

With 20 years of experience, Advanced Insulation and Fabrications have established ourselves as the Australian experts in insulation and HVAC. Our company use a suite of state of the art equipment to convert high quality materials into tailored solutions for your installation procedures. We have the know how and equipment to turn your paper plans into a HVAC or insulation project.

Our team is passionate about continuous innovation and improvement. We build and maintain relationships with our clients to consistently deliver our services and products better by each project. We communicate with the intention to learn your needs and deliver on them, guaranteeing a tailored experience.

As your trusted insulation supplier, we work hard to promise you shorter lead times so you can position yourself as a reliable insulation installer.

Not sure which product is best for your project?

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